Ice Skating-March 4, 2016

Blades of Glory

Friday night, the 4th of March was a wonderful evening for dinner and a skate. We had eight of us sit down for dinner and drinks at Tiff’s in Morris Plains. The food and libations were as good and as flavorful as the conversations we shared. After we had sated our appetites and quenched our thirst, we headed around the corner to the Mennen Ice Arena. We lost two people who didn’t skate, but we did gain one more at the arena. We laced up and hit the ice. After a wobbly, shaky start, we all settled in to the invigorating yet serene gliding around the rink. There was only a small crowd so we had plenty enough room to stretch our legs. Skating is a great form of exercise that helps build a strong core and sense of balance that we rely heavily upon for skiing. Not to mention the alert reflexes needed to dodge teenagers on the ice rink translates directly to dodging teenagers on the mountain. We all had a great time and agreed that we should do this again in the near future. So keep your eyes and ears open for another evening of MCSC on ice. It’s really cool.

Jeff Baldwin