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Ski Trips

Even though Morris County Ski Club is primarily a ski and snowboard club, we offer many activities during all four seasons. During the warmer months we head for the beaches, mountains, rivers, and parks. We also host a number of indoor events and sponsor community service projects.

Event Volunteers

All club events are run exclusively by member volunteers. The club will organize just about any activity that a member can think of and run. We are always interested in new ideas. Anyone can submit a proposal and make it a reality.

Have an idea for a fun new activity? Please send an email to our Vice President with the details of your ideas.

Some of our Events are open to members only, or members are given first priority to sign up – Member Priority Event. If you aren’t already a member, go to our Membership page to learn more about how and why to become a member.

Alive After Five (AAF)

Alive After Five, also known as Happy Hour, is an opportunity for Club members and friends to relax, unwind and socialize on a monthly basis at area bars, taprooms and pubs. Participants often take advantage of nearby dinner possibilities to extend the evening.