Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the age range of the members of the Morris County Ski Club (MCSC)?

A. The ages of our members range from their 30’s to late 50’s with most ages in the 30’s and 40’s; however we do have members who are younger and members who are more “seasoned” than that range.
Q. Is the MCSC membership predominantly singles?
A. Yes, the majority of our membership is single though there is a mix of couples as well. It just so happens that many members have become couples from meeting at the club, although we do have members that joined initially as a couple.
Q. Is MCSC a family ski club?
A. MCSC is for people who are 21 years or older. There are several family ski clubs that are part of the New Jersey Ski Council, but MCSC is not one of them.
Q. Are children allowed to participate in events or trips with a member of MCSC?
A. Generally our activities are not geared towards children. Children are only allowed to participate in an activity when the event leader specifies it on the flyer. An example of a child-friendly activity may be a baseball game, where MCSC provides group discount tickets, but no bus is involved for transportation.
Q. Is it difficult get to know people who are members of MCSC?
A. No! Though you may see a lot of camaraderie among our members because we have so much fun together, we truly welcome new members and guests. Our events and trips are designed for anyone to be able to participate even if they are participating on their own. An example is with our trips. Trip leaders pair up roommates if the roommate is not already chosen so that all participants can benefit from the lower cost of a double room.
Q. What types of ski trips does MCSC offer?
A. We offer week long trips out West, Europe or Canada. Partial week long trips out west, and weekend trips to New England, and day trips to NY, PA and NJ.
Q. Does MCSC offer activities outside of skiing?
A. Yes! We pride ourselves on being a year-round club. Many of our members love to bike and hike. We offer tennis, bowling, parties, happy hours (AAFs), sporting events and many other activities too numerous to mention. We are always looking for new ideas for things to do.
Q. Do you have to be a skier to join MCSC?
A. No. We have many snow-boarders, as well as, many non-skiing/non-snow-boarding members.
Q. Does MCSC have a lodge near a ski area?
A. No. Instead of having a lodge we schedule a wide variety of ski trips during the winter, which offers diversification to our members.
Q. When & where are the MCSC meetings?
A. Every month we hold 2 meetings, one formal, and one informal. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday at the FairBridge Hotel & Conference Center, East Hanover, NJ. On the 4th Tuesday we hold an informal meeting. Please go to the event calendar for the most current details about our meetings and events.